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Net4Media – Casino & Sports Betting Systems


Unique Sports Betting and & Casino digital solutions


Benefit from the most advanced technology in the industry while considerably decrease your projects deployment time and IT Budgets costs


Increase your sales , control and manage every aspect of your business while keeping your clients close to you in real time

What can Net4Media do for your business?
Key Strengths

1.) Adaptability

Using Net4Media allows any entity to be much more adaptive and versatile offering it a huge advantage in a  today’s changing market !

Our fully advanced  automatic and scalable platform allows instant large scale deployment of any new products within your network!

Be the first to change ! Be the first to set the market trend ! ….and all of these in real time with no cost for your business!

2.) Time & Cost savings

Increase your competitiveness by paying less or even nothing for the hardware support!

Increase your competitiveness by paying up to  x 10 less  for your business IT hardware infrastructure!

Our omni-channel delivery content platform with its unique data transmission architecture guarantees the lowest industry cost !

The design of our platform allows you to deploy any number of terminals within the shortest time while having the lowest industry costs!

3.) Engage with your clients

The ability to provide relevant messaging, entertaining content, and highly engaging multimedia makes the platform a real powerful Marketing tool!

The Digital Signage features of our platform is capable of delivering 4K content to your audience with some incredible low cost requirements like no other similar product!

4.) Control and manage your business

Advanced real time centralized platform tools will allow you to administer , control and manage every aspect of your business from anywhere!

Even if we talk about your network hardware , clients , sales or advanced  financial reporting tools, you will be in real time control over them!

5.) A lot of new other features

The most advanced and affordable Sports Betting Franchise shops infrastructure

Advanced Sports Betting Security Systems

Slot Machines systems integration

Advanced printing cost control

Advanced real time analytics for the business

Flexible APIs connectors for third parties software

About us
Who are we ?

How did it start?

Thinking of today ‘s market environment the key features of one company success are:

Competitiveness , Adaptability and Customer Relationships

      That’s what this platform is all about ! We facilitate the way a company communicates  with it’s clients , the  way it presents it’s products with a great adaptability to change and in the same time decreasing most of the marketing , communications , hardware and support costs involved. What has initially started as an Digital signage opensource project  has now become a multi functional commercial product.

The team

  • We want to be  tech leaders not followers
  • We really like and believe in our work
  • We work fast in Agile teams
  • We never say no to any crazy ideas
  • We put passion in our code
  • We believe you can pay less and have more
  • We like to create things that have never been done before